WP 4 will focus on reviewing current methodologies for identifying people at risk of co-morbidities that would respond to a community based service, developing and implementing a care and support plan, involving and engaging stakeholders and partners in the development of the programme and site implementation plans, developing a training programme, and leading training sessions.


  • Assess the needs of citizens with (risk for) major chronic disease (aged circa 50 years and older) for delivery of community services and support by volunteers, using a variety of methods e.g. literature review and focus groups.
  • Develop an implementation plan that discusses extensively the implementation question and how to involve the stakeholders in the implementation phase of the scale up process.
  • Create a training plan and a train the trainers’ plan for adoption and implementation of the Social Engagement Model.
  • Deliver training sessions for the Social Engagement Model (including the involvement of volunteers) in the pilot sites.

Work package leader: Nigel Clark, AGE UK

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