WP 8 will be responsible for the evaluation of the effects and cost-effectiveness of the innovative SEFAC model for social engagement, the support by volunteers and use of dedicated ICT tools to address the chronic disease challenge in European regions.
WP 8 will follow the CDC-Framework for Programme Evaluation (Atlanta, 1999), including two perspectives: (a) endusers (citizens/participants at risk for and with a major chronic disease) and (b) care providers including social and supportive service providers, and volunteers.


To evaluate the innovative SEFAC model to address the prevention and intervention of major chronic disease by community based interventions 4 European pilot areas: (a) City of Rijeka, Croatia; (b) Treviso, Italy; (c) Rotterdam, the Netherlands; and (d) Region of Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Work package leader: Hein Raat, EMC

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